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Our history

I'm Jose, from the Luz neighborhood (Málaga) and I'm going to tell you how the idea for our brand came about.

It all started in 2018 when I started working in a beach bar to be able to pay for my degree (ADE) and my expenses, since in my house we only live on one salary and there are 4 of us. I met a colleague, Jorge, 28 years old, with whom we We spent the day passing around sweatshirts and t-shirts and talking about clothes. Later, Elena, who studies art history and is passionate about design and clothing, started working at the beach bar. We got along very well with her and started to think, why not start our own brand?

But we wanted to do it well, and we had to prepare properly, we started taking all kinds of courses in design, marketing, logistics... We tried dozens of suppliers, fabrics... We combined all this with our jobs in hospitality.

We have been training and learning for a long time so that our dream of living this brand comes true, we have mistakes, but every day we try to improve.

Thank you to each of you who, with your purchase, keeps this project that we dedicated so much time and love to moving forward.